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Eastern & Oriental Express Returns With New Journeys In Malaysia

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Eastern & Oriental Express Returns With New Journeys In Malaysia

Eastern & Oriental Express

Hop aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express and make fun and lasting memories

After a long hiatus, The Eastern & Oriental Express, A Belmond Train, Southeast Asia has announced its much-anticipated return to the rails in February 2024. Offering a reimagined adventure of Southeast Asia in motion, the train will launch two new seasonal journeys departing from Singapore and travelling through Malaysia’s ever-changing landscapes and vibrant cities.

The first is Essence of Malaysia (from November to February) and the second is Wild Malaysia (from March to October). The iconic train’s 15 dark green carriages will leave Singapore’s Woodlands station, taking in destinations like Penang, Langkawi and for the first time the Taman Negara National Park, before heading back to the garden city.

Essence Of Malaysia: A Gateway Into Malay Culture

This luxurious package takes you on a three-night journey through the country’s western wonders, from Singapore through Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi and finally to the colourful island of Penang. After a relaxing first day of on-board indulgence, guests will disembark the train in Alor Setar and join a private cruise to Langkawi.Eastern & Oriental Express

Wild Malaysia: Exploring Sights Unseen

Offering a brand new destination for the Eastern & Oriental Express, the Wild Malaysia itinerary covers the untouched areas surrounding the ‘Jungle Railway,’ towards the Eastern side of the peninsula, and gives guests the unique opportunity to visit the Taman Negara National Park.

Life On Board: A Celebration Of Local Culture

On top of that, as you step on board the Eastern & Oriental Express, you are invited to live and breathe the captivating culture of Southeast Asia at every moment. Days are punctuated by exciting encounters with local characters and passionate artisans, who will unveil the secrets of the region as they teach ancient crafts and tell century-old tales, while the sound of Nanyang jazz and vintage Malay tunes will spruce up the evenings.Eastern & Oriental Express

An Icon Redefined

The Eastern & Oriental will return to the rails with 15 restyled carriages including eight sleeping cars, two restaurant cars, a Piano Bar Car and the iconic open-air Observation Car. From ornate marquetry, to Malaysian embroidery and oriental silks, the train will sparkle with a sense of contemporary grandeur, bringing in a layered and vibrant experience of Southeast Asia through carefully curated design details and colour schemes.Eastern & Oriental Express

More information can be found on the Official Belmond Website.


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