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Dynaudio Spoils Us With The Focus Range Of High-End Active Speakers

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Dynaudio Spoils Us With The Focus Range Of High-End Active Speakers


Dynaudio combines studio-grade sound quality with wireless connectivity

Anyone who likes listening to music will tell you that most speakers on the market today will typically either sacrifice studio-grade sound quality for seamless wireless convenience or the other way around. Worse yet, some of these options still cost an arm and a leg. Well, that changes today, with Dynaudio.


A Solution To Mediocre Speakers

Dynaudio, the legendary Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, is permanently fixing the problem of “meh” speakers with the launch of its brand-new Focus series, a family of fully active wireless stereo speakers. Each model in the range features cutting-edge streaming abilities along with the brand’s tried-and-tested driver technology.

This makes the Dynaudio Focus series one of the most advanced systems of its kind on the market and effortlessly brings together studio-grade audio quality alongside incredible ease of use and convenience. The new Focus also replaces the previous Focus XD range with a design that is as modern on the inside as it is on the outside.


Seamless Connection, Versatile Function

Moreover, the Dynaudio Focus series may be a high-end system but it is still the perfect system, for just about anyone. Whether you are starting from scratch or building up from an existing system, the built-in high-end streaming platform takes care of everything online.

Meanwhile coaxial and optical digital inputs and analogue connections mean a CD player and even a turntable can still sit front and centre alongside streaming services, so when it comes to the Dynaudio Focus series, you really can’t go wrong even if you tried.


Crisp Sound, Clean Design

Danish design has always been equated with the word “desirable,” and the Dynaudio Focus series, certainly does look the part. Its slim cabinets, available in contemporary finishes, are designed to blend in with interior decor for those who prefer a much more minimalistic approach to life.

Craftsmanship Is Everything

Naturally, the Focus series would not be a proper Dynaudio speaker if its build quality was not next level. Hence, sturdy MDF cabinets, a long-life amp design and premium touches such as aluminium driver surrounds make it obvious that you own a high-end product and ensure the highest quality imaginable.


If crisp sound is what you seek, visit the Official Dynaudio Website to discover the brand’s range of speakers.

(Images: Dynaudio)


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