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Dolce & Gabbana Unveil The Bold, Vibrant And Feminine Maiolica Fucsia 

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Dolce & Gabbana Unveil The Bold, Vibrant And Feminine Maiolica Fucsia 

Maiolica Fucsia

Show off your inner feminine style with the Maiolica Fucsia Collection 

What you wear is more than simply clothing, it is a statement. Your fashion sense is represented by what you wear and it gives the world a glimpse into your own personal brand of how you view the world. It represents you and everything that you stand for so naturally, you should wear it loud and proud, not hushed. Dolce & Gabbana agree.Maiolica Fucsia

Feminine In Every Sense

Moreover, light and feminine, a bold and vibrant journey of style through ornate Sicilian gardens, flower beds and the ancient Caltagirone. Dolce & Gabbana presents Maiolica Fucsia in the Pre-Fall 2023 Women’s Collection for the bold woman who wants to show off her style instead of keeping it hidden.

Set against a striking white base, evoking the dazzling sunlight shining on houses facing the sea, the ‘calligraphic-naturalistic’ decoration in deep fuchsia is the inspiration behind Maiolica Fucsia. Non-repeating patterns are brought to life in shapes and styles, celebrating lightness, femininity, and the house’s dedication to craftsmanship.Maiolica Fucsia

Feminine Accessories

The bags of the house take on tones of fuchsia and textures, making perfect additions for a unique and striking look. Among the collection, the Large Shopper, an iconic Sicily Bag now woven and finished with DG logo plates as a testament to true Sicilian craftsmanship. To match, enjoy printed embellished footwear, designed for maximum comfort and style.Maiolica Fucsia

Dolce & Gabbana celebrates the beauty of Caltagirone with Maiolica Fucsia. Shop the Pre-Fall 2023 Women’s Collection at the Official Dolce & Gabbana Website.


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