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Disney Celebrates “100 Years Of Wonder” With The Limited Leica Q2 Camera

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Disney Celebrates “100 Years Of Wonder” With The Limited Leica Q2 Camera

Leica Q2

The special limited edition Leica Q2 camera features Disney print on its top plate 

For over 100 years, Leica has been developing precise optical instruments which have revolutionised the world of photography many times over. The perfect choice for creative people, particularly those who work with images and now the brand is set to do it again with its new collaborative camera with Disney.Leica Q2

A Match Made In Heaven

Why is Leica the perfect collaboration for Walt Disney? 100 years ago, Walt Disney started to bring his vision and passion to animated filmmaking. Even then the legend has been creating sophisticated cartoon storyboards using Leica (then called Leitz) cameras and projectors since the very early days of animation.

A Special Anniversary

Leica Q2 DisneyTo mark the anniversary of the film studios, Disney and Leica are now unveiling the closely guarded secret of their groundbreaking collaboration, namely the special limited-edition Leica Q2 Disney “100 Years of Wonder” camera.

A New Standard

Disney dramatically changed the techniques of animated filmmaking thanks to the innovative Leica instruments of the time and did so with such lasting effect that the term “Leica Reel” was coined during this period. “Leica Reels” are made from animated stills run on 35mm film projections and the Leica Q2 is sure to do the same.

In this advanced process, the preliminary artwork is aligned with a soundtrack using combined techniques to get a very precise sense of the pace of a sequence. The design applied to the special edition of the Leica Q2 camera dates back to a model sheet created in 1937 by one of Walt Disney Studio’s noted animators, Don Towsley.

A New Look

In addition, a Mickey Mouse print adorns the Leica Q2 camera’s top plate. The special edition also includes a protective dust bag with matching original Disney graphics and a special rope strap.

The Leica Q2 camera reveals an evocative imagination from first glance and it is adorned with a very special material reminiscent of the tracing paper on which Disney’s creators penciled scenes and characters. This gives the camera a sophisticated aesthetic and also makes it more interesting for collectors.Leica Q2 Disney

When Does It Drop?

The Leica Q2 camera edition is limited to 500 sets worldwide and will be available at authorised Leica dealers starting 27 April 2023. The special set will be retailing at EUR6,200 (about RM29,857) so get yours online at the Official Leica Online Store before they run out.


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