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Dior Unveils The Dearest Dior High Jewellery Collection

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Dior Unveils The Dearest Dior High Jewellery Collection

Dearest Dior

The sparkly collection sees haute couture blend with high jewellery

The new Dearest Dior High Jewellery Collection from the French Maison perfectly applies the principles of haute couture to jewellery and celebrates everything you love about the brand in beautiful masterpieces of stones and diamonds. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this collection definitely lives up to that saying.Dearest Dior

A whole decade after Dear Dior and five years after Dior Dior Dior, esteemed jeweller, Victoire de Castellane continues to enrich and add to the jewelry lexicon of the House. This time though, with a new interpretation highlighting the subtlety of lace, embodied by the newest Dearest Dior collection.

The Dearest Dior High Jewellery Collection serves as a plural ode to the heritage of the Christian Dior brand and the prowess of the Maison’s savoir-faire. This is reflected through seventy-seven exquisite offerings, that result in a multi-faceted femininity, both fragile and powerful, timeless yet modern.Dearest Dior

Each piece of fine jewellery from the Dear Dior collection is also designed in a way that underlines the grace of movement. It perfectly expresses the desire of Dior Joaillerie’s Artistic Director to create jewellery that can be worn as close to the skin as possible, borrowing its finesse and lightness from lace.

Additionally, the mounts of the necklaces, rings and bracelets in the Dear Dior collection are so airy they seem to disappear, leaving only diamonds and rubies and pearls behind in a sea of blue, pink or yellow sapphires to reveal their shimmer and shine.  Dearest Dior

Furthermore, the Dear Dior High Jewellery collection ends up in a hypnotic play of shine and transparency, with the lace made of gold thanks to the conception of remarkably supple mesh sheets, the result of extensive research and development. It is this very beauty that makes the collection the perfect gift.

The lines and articulations in the Dear Dior collection have also been carefully studied to adapt perfectly to the curves of the hand, wrist and neck, while the flat volume reproduces the delicacy of lace laid directly on the skin. This results in a collection of well fitting and seamless looking jewellery for anyone and everyone.Jewellery

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