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Dior Unveils The Beach Capsule Collection For Fall 2023 

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Dior Unveils The Beach Capsule Collection For Fall 2023 

Beach Capsule

The Dior Beach Capsule was made in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans

For the second year running, Kim Jones has teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization and collaboration network taking action against ocean pollution. Together, they have conceived a committed beach capsule, reflecting Dior’s desire to move towards a more sustainable and innovative fashion.Beach Capsule

Moreover, a successful collaboration tends to invite repeat team ups since it not only something that you, the customer looks forward to, but it is also a good way for the company. In this case Dior, chose to work with a group of individuals they already know and can trust to ensure the entire process is more fun and efficient.Beach Capsule

Stylish And Sustainable

As a project inspired by the founding-designer’s passion for flowers and gardens, as well as for the sea, sharing this love and determination to protect the beauty of the aquatic world. As such, the artistic director of Dior men’s lines wanted to use respectful materials for this collection composed of 96 percent recycled fabrics in the Dior beach capsule collection.

On top of that, testifying to the house’s infinite creativity, the pieces in the beach capsule collection are embellished with a vibrant, joyful palette ranging from coral pink to lemon yellow, contrasting with a nuanced selection of grays, Monsieur Dior’s signature colour. The unique models are adorned with iconic motifs such as the Dior italic or the CD diamond. Beach Capsule

Celebrate The Beauty Of The Deep Blue

Celebrating the splendor of the marine universe, an underwater shot is printed on outfits, including surf wetsuits made with vissla, and on a stole, representing a new alliance, in the name of nature preservation. This also serves as a reminder of what the capsule collection stands for and what you are supporting when you wear the pieces from the beach capsule collection.Beach Capsule

Ready to look sustainably stylish? Visit the Official Dior Website today.


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