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Design Your Own State-Of-The-Art Kitchen The Michelin Way With Cosentino

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Design Your Own State-Of-The-Art Kitchen The Michelin Way With Cosentino


You can now design your very own fine dining kitchen inspired by Skillet 2.0

Imagine stepping into a kitchen where culinary creativity flows effortlessly. Whether you’re upgrading your home kitchen for enhanced functionality or transforming a culinary space into a commercial venture, striking the perfect balance of style and practicality is key.Cosentino

Chef Raymond Tham, renowned for his Michelin-starred restaurant Beta KL, has ventured into Skillet 2.0, a modern European dining experience featuring the exquisite Dekton TK06 Marmorio from Cosentino’s Pietra collection. Here’s how you can enrich your kitchen to elevate your culinary journey.

Open Kitchen Concept

An open dining concept fosters a sense of togetherness often missing in traditional kitchens. At Skillet 2.0, where the guest experience is paramount, Chef Raymond invites you into an immersive culinary journey. From floral arrangements echoing seasonal themes to the Dekton TK06 Marmorio countertops, every detail is crafted for intimate engagement. Cosentino

Modern European Dining Aesthetics

Skillet 2.0 sets the stage for memorable dining beyond exquisite cuisine. Inspired by Roman Domus architecture, the dining hall features uplit ceilings harmonising with Dekton’s timeless elegance. The TK06 Marmorio countertops, inspired by Travertino Navona, blend functionality with artistic allure, enhancing the contemporary European ambiance.

Crafting a Sustainable Workstation

Selecting a durable kitchen countertop is crucial for preparing diverse dishes. Chef Raymond, managing a team at Skillet 2.0, relies on Dekton for its heat resistance and versatility. “From pastries to signature dishes like Texture of Chocolate, Dekton ensures we meet every culinary demand with ease,” says Chef Raymond.Cosentino

Creating a Multi-Chef Workstation

A well-designed culinary workstation is essential for collaborative creativity. At Skillet 2.0, Chef Raymond ensures optimal workflow with height-adjustable countertops and ample space. The bright, inspiring environment, enhanced by Dekton’s aesthetic contribution, motivates his team to deliver exceptional culinary experiences.SKillet 2.0

In essence, whether you’re redesigning your home kitchen or launching a gourmet dining venture, integrating elements like Dekton TK06 Marmorio enhances functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by Chef Raymond Tham’s commitment to culinary excellence, create a kitchen where every meal becomes a masterpiece and every moment a culinary delight.


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