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Delvaux Demonstrates What Leather Mastery Looks Like

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Delvaux Demonstrates What Leather Mastery Looks Like


Leather mastery, a legacy in motion

For nearly 200 years, Delvaux has been synonymous with unparalleled quality and bold creativity, consistently pushing the boundaries of leather-work since its very inception. Now the brand is displaying its prowess and eye for style with its new leather mastery collection of handbags.

Leather Mastery

Why Delvaux

Founded in Brussels in 1829, Delvaux is the oldest fine leather goods maker in the world, crafting and designing without interruption in its workshops. Delvaux is also the inventor of the modern handbag, having filed the first-ever leather handbag patent in the world, in 1908.

Never one to be content with just being average, Delvaux approaches all of its materials with fresh eyes, continuing to innovate and expand its techniques according to its world-renowned savoir-faire even after all these years. This is yet another reason as to why the brand has achieved leather mastery.Delvaux Leather Mastery

Challenging Convention

Delvaux’s mastery of leather celebrates this commitment through a series of techniques that challenge the way leather traditionally looks and feels. Last season, Delvaux made waves with the Arsenal technique, reimagining its emblematic silhouettes through water jet-cut panels hand-sewn with delicate D-shaped leather cut-outs.

A New Style

The Arsenal technique honours the heart of Delvaux, referencing the traditionally Belgian industrial architecture and brick cladding of its Brussels headquarters. The inventive approach infused each creation with unexpected flexibility and movement, bringing new character and nuance to the brand’s most recognisable designs.Leather Mastery

The Icon Returns

This season, the classic Arsenal technique makes a comeback, dressing the brilliant and pin silhouettes, now available in several interesting colours. Delvaux also magnifies the statement-making technique by gracing the Pin D Pouch with a new, extra-large interpretation.

Master Style

If you’re going to carry a handbag, it may as well come from the brand that has mastered not only its materials but also its style to really bring out your own style too. So if you are ready to show to the world that you are truly stylish and are the master of your craft, consider leather mastery from Delvaux.Delvaux

Uncover one that fits your style at the Official Delvaux Website.


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