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De Bethune Reveal Two Unique Watches In One

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De Bethune Reveal Two Unique Watches In One

De Bethune

This is to celebrate its 20th Anniversary

De Bethune is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and to celebrate, the brand has unveiled the DB Kind of Two Jumping GMT. These incredible watches exemplify the brand’s centuries-old know-how and the tireless search for innovation. Two watches, two worlds: here and elsewhere, that is what these watches are all about.

When De Bethune presented the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon in January 2021, it was already an outlier because of its double dial design. While some may say it was bold, others seemed to think it was just out of place, now the brand is introducing the DB Kind of Two Jumping GMT, a watch with a different time zone on each side.

Although the design is new and innovative, double sided watches are not a recent invention. These watches have been around since the age of enlightenment and were made by skilled watchmakers often inspired by astronomy. They were pieces of art but also marvels of mechanical engineering.De Bethune

Moreover, horologists at the time were obsessed with creating more and more complicated models, this led to the double sided case becoming surprisingly common. These watches were not only incredibly beautiful to look at but also allowed for their creators to fully embrace their creativity.

Now fast forward to today and De Bethune is showering our eyes with the stunning beauty of the DB Kind of Two Jumping GMT. This watch by De Bethune is the result of years of meticulous planning and expert craftsmanship that gives us an end product that is as contemporary as it is unique.DB Kind of Two Jumping GMT

The DB Kind of Two Jumping GMT is completely reversible and can be worn on either side depending on which one you prefer at the moment and of course, the time zone chosen. Housed by a highly sophisticated mechanism based on a series of gears and pinions, there is simply nothing like it De Bethune or otherwise.

Additionally, the DB Kind of Two Jumping GMT features a jumping hour hand on one side and a central jumping second hand so you can have a watch that looks both timeless and modern, depending on the side you prefer. This new design was developed entirely by Manufacture De Bethune at L’Auberson in the Swiss Jura.

Visit the Official De Bethune Website to find out more about this new model.


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