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De Bethune presents The Sensoriel Chronometry Project

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De Bethune presents The Sensoriel Chronometry Project

De Bethune

Now anyone can customize their watch specifically to them

De Bethune

De Bethune Robot Ar,

For the first time ever in the wonderful world of horology, De Bethune is offering some of its customers who purchase a their DB28GS Grand Bleu watch a test watch to wear for two weeks. This unique watch is equipped with a plethora of sensors to record their specific environments and behaviors.

This will allow customers to specify the Movements, positions, shocks, ambient temperature, hygrometry, atmospheric pressure and much more on their watches. During the two weeks, necessary data will be collected enabling the De Bethune Chronometry Workshop in Switzerland to analyze and adjust the timepiece specifically to the owner.

This will be achieved through a robot arm built by De Bethune inside its Manufacture in L’Auberson. Within an atmospheric chamber using cutting edge technology, this device will receive all the data collected by the sensors in the test watch. It will also accurately recreate the wearer’s movements in their natural environment.De Bethune

This method will allow De Bethune to accurately predict and reproduce the future environment for the timepiece. It will also ensure that its chronometric adjustments will be more precise when the real watch is finally delivered to its new owner.

Additionally, Denis Flageollet, Master Watchmaker and co-founder of De Bethune, who is constantly striving to improve the highest standards of precision for all the brand’s timepieces, is paving the way for a new vision of chronometry through this new Sensoriel Chronometry Project.

This means that at least for the time being, De Bethune as a brand and the Sensoriel Chronometry Project timepiece is the only one in the world that does not adjust their watches based on averages and static tests. They take into account each individual user’s dynamic differences which results in a less personalized experience overall.

With the test watch generating roughly 2,000,000 pieces of information per hour, this is truly the most personalized experience you could ever feel when wearing a watch. It is not only completely tailored to a wearer’s natural environments, but also their unique movements and behaviors taken into account as well.

While some may be skeptical about specific adjustments in their watches, this process truly reflects the peak of De Bethune’s passion not just to watchmaking but also to the brand’s commitment to their customers. It also proves that the brand sees watches as less of a tool to tell time and more of a reflection of its user.Watch

In the market for a watch tuned specifically for you? Then check out the Official De Bethune Website today.


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