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Czapek Introduces The Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

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Czapek Introduces The Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

The Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector is a new three-handed timepiece

Every watch essentially needs to adhere to two fundamental rules to be great. Firstly, the mechanics — on a basic level, everything must function like clockwork. The second is aesthetics, which is far more subjective but in a nutshell, a watch must be visually attractive. Czapek’s Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector does both right.Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

The Best Of Both Worlds

Czapek’s latest launch strikes the perfect balance between mechanics and aesthetics. It is driven by the tried-and-true SXH5, and the watch dial was designed for excellent readability and legibility.

The key to the Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector’s appeal lies in the use of space. A traditional minute track has been discreetly placed around the edge of a smooth anthracite dial. It surrounds a double row of lightly arched parallel segments that are interrupted at each numeral.Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

A New Kind Of Movement

The sword hour hand points to the gaps like a ship seeking entrance into a harbour, while the minute and second hands sweep the dial each at their own pace, closing the gaps for a moment. This creates a kind of animation, a slight change in the visual geometry.

CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel, said, “The idea is simple, but requires great precision to execute. The hands crossing from segment to segment over the dusky backdrop of the dial looks almost like a shoreline seen from far above. The dial was designed in such a way that the marker becomes the void between each sector (an almost philosophical way of defining matter).”Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

“This spontaneously inspired the model’s name ‘Dark Sector’, which comes from the Dark Sector Laboratory and telescopes at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The skies over Antarctica are the clearest and darkest in the world…” He added.

How Was It Made?

The Antarctique Titanium ‘Dark Sector’ was born from the elegant case and bracelet of brushed titanium of the watch with the sensually rounded crown protector. These shades of grey inspired the model’s overall monochrome scheme, which highlights the two touches of colour on the watch dial.Antarctique Titanium Dark Sector

Check out Official Czapek Website for further details.


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