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CUB House By Honda Launches Monkey Carnival Limited Edition


CUB House By Honda Launches Monkey Carnival Limited Edition


The Monkey Carnival unleashes a street-style vibe and racing essence

Cub House by Honda is teaming up with the legendary street fashion brand, Carnival, to bring Monkey Carnival Limited Edition, an off-road motorcycle that’s limited to 99 units available worldwide. Each unit not only caters to Carnival lovers but also oozes a unique street-style vibe that is simply unparalleled.Monkey

Let The Fun Begin

CUB House by Honda‘s groundbreaking collaboration between Monkey and Carnival is this limited edition Carnival, which comes with an exclusive Box Set for collectors.

Inspired by the iconic Baja Motocross, the Monkey Carnival Limited Edition perfectly captures the essence of racing. With its unique street-style graphics on the Carnival Fuel Tank, Red Seat, Motocross-styled Carnival HandGuard and Carnival WindShield, this motorcycle is sure to elevate street style games to the next level.

One Of A Kind Style

Serial numbers 1 to 99 emblazoned on the body and air cleaner, ensures buyers they’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind ride. The Monkey Carnival Limited Edition also integrates Carnival’s DNA into every aspect of the bike from the Carnival logo on the Side Cover to the Carnival logo on the swingarm.

In terms of performance, the motorcycle features a 125cc engine with 5 gears, allowing you to conquer any terrain with ease. It also features round headlamps in classic Monkey style and a negative meter LED screen featuring a mischievous monkey.


How Much?

Launched in Thailand, the Monkey Carnival Limited Edition is available at a recommended price of 134,900 baht (roughly RM17, 257). The exclusive box set includes a helmet, car cover, license plate, key ring, and premium stickers for you to ride around in style.

What Else?

Additionally, Carnival is also launching an exclusive collection called the Monkey Carnival Collection in conjunction with the bike. The collection features fashion-forward pieces designed for the ultimate street style. Fans can check out the collection at Warehouse 30 and Siam Square branches, as well as online and at CUB House Flagship Ekkamai branch from 23 February 2023 onwards.


More information can be found on the Official CUB House Website.


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