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Cravan, An Inspired Cocktail Venue, Opens In The Heart Of Paris

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Cravan, An Inspired Cocktail Venue, Opens In The Heart Of Paris


Enjoy a truly special location at Cravan on your next trip to the City of Light

Moet Hennessy has announced the opening of Cravan, a unique venue celebrating French art de vivre, exceptional cocktails and culture in the heart of the iconic and literary Parisian district. A true hidden gem, Cravan builds on Moet Hennessy’s Maisons’ decades of knowledge in crafting incredible experiences for consumers across the world and is a space of luxury hospitality and sophisticated cocktails.Cravan

Ancient Architecture Reimagined

The Cravan art de vivre is set across five floors of a spectacular typical Parisian building from the 17th century, reimagined by Belgian designer Ramy Fischler. At The Cravan, you can experience different ambiances inspired by art, fashion, cinema, or literature across three cocktail bars as well as a Rizzoli bookstore.

Moreover, the top floors house a by-invitation-only private atelier and mini Parisian kiosk, perched on the building’s rooftop, where movies will be screened on warm summer nights.Cravan

Not Just Any Bar

Through Cravan, Moet Hennessy shares its unique take on hospitality, culture and cocktail-making with both Parisians and international visitors alike. It is also instrumental in building an additional bridge to interact directly with consumers through a new and elevated cocktail experience.

Cravan is also the story of an unexpected encounter and alliance between Moet Hennessy and historian turned celebrated restaurateur and cocktail expert Franck Audoux, Cravan’s founder and Artistic Director.Cravan

A Special Parisian Touch

On top of that, Franck Audoux brings his knowledge of the Parisian hospitality scene and his unique approach to cocktail making, both scientific and poetic, while Moet Hennessy shares its extensive experience of luxury art de vivre and world-renowned wines and spirits. This alliance makes Cravan much more than a bar, it is also a place to meet, exchange, think, share, taste, celebrate.

In that spirit, behind the bar is a team of artisans whose dedication and know-how constitute the soul of Cravan. Free-spirited, the former craftsmen and women who have retrained as mixologists are making it their mission to ensure guests feel welcome at all times and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 2 am.Cravan

More information can be found on the Official Cravan Website.


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