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Corum Celebrates 50 Years Of Cortina Watch With The Admiral 45

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Corum Celebrates 50 Years Of Cortina Watch With The Admiral 45

Admiral 45

For Corum, a golden jubilee means nothing without real gold

We are all aware of what Cortina Watch means to our neighbors in Singapore and this year is an extra special one for the brand as it turns 50. To celebrate Cortina Watch’s Golden Jubilee, Swiss watchmaker, Corum is releasing an exclusive anniversary timepiece made with actual gold, the Corum Admiral 45 Tourbillon.Admiral 45

That’s right, Corum, a brand know for their “out there” use of next generation fusion material has taken the word golden in golden jubilee and just went all out with it by creating the Corum Admiral 45 Tourbillon. The timepiece combines carbon and 18K gold and we doubt there has ever been a more bold statement made with a watch ever before.

Naturally, with Cortina Watch being one of the biggest names in watch retail in Singapore, everyone wants a piece of celebratory pie. As such, the brand will be releasing a series of limited-edition commemorative watches in collaboration with some of the most revered watchmakers to celebrate their Golden Jubilee.Tourbillon

Among these brands is Corum, which will be releasing their Admiral 45 Tourbillon watch, a 45mm timepiece made just for this occasion. It will be limited to only ten pieces globally. What’s more, no two watches will be the same as these emblematic dodecagonal-shaped cases are all random due to the combining fluctuation of the carbon composite and 18K gold making each and every unit unique.

Moreover, the striking gold elements combined with the simplicity of the stark black sunray-finished dial only add to the beauty and uniqueness of the watch. Some might even say that the colours and patterns evoke a feeling of wonder and mystery to this mesmerizing timepiece which resembles a starry sky over the horizon.Corum X Cortina

On top of that, the Corum Admiral 45 Tourbillon is indicative of the brand’s commitment to constantly becoming better. This is proven by Corum developing and constructing a unique tool specifically for this case to ensure even dispersal of gold and carbon elements in each of the watches.

Kudos to Corum for also using carbon, an extremely light but durable material so that you, the wearer can enjoy the comfort of wearing this one in a million, or one of ten specifically, watch all day, everyday and feel great while wearing it too.Admiral 45

Find out more details about the Corum Admiral 45 Tourbillon at the Official Corum Website.


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