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Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh, The Watch We’ve Been Waiting For

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Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh, The Watch We’ve Been Waiting For

Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh

See why the Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh is our favourite watch collab of all timeCorum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh

As per the innovative nature of Corum, the brand has recently collaborated with French artist, Aiiroh to give us a dazzling 47mm Rose themed Bubble Watch which we will be referring to as the “Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh” and new artwork as well. Personally though, we’re more excited for the watch for its pop-art design, which adds a new dimension to the signature timepiece.

Calling this watch a statement of “art on the wrist,” Corum is clearly very satisfied with how the Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh turned out it is certainly deserving. This watch takes the concept of looking like a rose to a whole new level and proudly screams its message of daring colour and bold style for the world to hear.Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh

Taking inspiration from Aiiroh’s “Black Série Rose” artwork, this stunning timepiece is crafted in stainless steel with black PVD coating and utilizes street posters and headlines in a decoupage style collage which serve as the base of the watch and represent the petals of the rose.

Moreover, a black stylized spiral rose motif is then superimposed on top of the collage by artistic genius, Aiiroh and that almost makes the whole watch look like a blooming rose flower. A truly beautiful and captivating sight, you can’t help but stare in admiration of how good this watch looks.

On top of that, the curved and oblong shaped watch hands are also a nice touch that give this sophisticated timepiece an almost quirky character to it. Couple this with the fact that Aiiroh, along with other artists like Soyz Bank and Namisen are all working together on an art piece to accompany the watch and you have the collab of the year.Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh

Corum has always been known for their love of pop art and reinterpretation and Aiiroh compliments this very well as a street artist for over two decades and having his work feature in over 50 art galleries worldwide, it’s no wonder the Corum Bubble 47 X Aiiroh turned out as mind-numbingly elegant as it did.


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