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Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne Will Redefine Slow Travel

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Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne Will Redefine Slow Travel


Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne will debut in May 2023

Belmond, formerly the Orient-Express Hotels Ltd is one of the most diverse and creative hospitality and leisure operators in the world with luxury hotels and cruises around the globe and soon, they will redefine what slow travel looks like with champagne with the launch of Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne in 2023.Coquelicot

The Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne is a new luxury barge that will take guests on an exciting journey of champagne that will see the boat the guests are gliding past the French canals. This is befitting of the French Coquelicot Champagne collection and the unparalleled views you get on this bubbly maritime adventure.

On the Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne, you can enjoy three luxurious cabins with sensational ensuite facilities, an indoor salon, a tantalizing champagne bar and so much more. Coquelicot has also partnered with Maison Ruinart, the oldest champagne house in the world to treat guests to a private tasting lunch.

Moreover, this will mark the first time the chef of Maison Ruinart will be cooking a private ‘four hands’ lunch outside of Maison Ruinart. Guests will also have the pleasure of a private tour of Coquelicot’s historic Taissy vineyard. This experience will truly redefine how the world sees slow travel.

On top of that, the barge will perfectly exemplify the essence of champagne both inside and out through its designs. This will effectively see Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne pay homage to the present while still honouring the rich unfiltered heritage of champagne, particularly Coquelicot champagne.Coquelicot

Additionally, the collaboration between Belmond and Maison Ruinart will also allow guests unprecedented access to Taissy vineyard. This experience will be truly one of a kind as the vineyard is encapsulated in hilly nature where you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the land and the artwork of landscape artist, Nils Udo.

This is all exciting enough but what really takes the whole Coquelicot, A Belmond Boat, Champagne guest experience allows for you to craft your own itinerary by selecting from a plethora of activities to indulge in and enjoy your champagne adventure your own way.Belmond

Thirsty for a champagne holiday? Check out the Official Belmond Website today.


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