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Club Med Presents Its Inaugural Snow Report For Malaysia In 2023

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Club Med Presents Its Inaugural Snow Report For Malaysia In 2023

Club Med Snow Report

Check out the snowy holiday activities and date in the Club Med Snow Report right here

The Inaugural Club Med Snow report is finally here and it shows us all the snow trends that Malaysians need to know  to plan for their upcoming holiday this year. So before you layer up, do get up to speed on the weather to know all the snow related and holiday related ideas, content and information you need for a fun filled and happy holiday this year.Club Med Snow Report

Cool Reception 

The Club Med Snow Report takes into account the feedback of 511 Malaysian residents aged between 25 and 64 years of age with 51 percent of these respondents being male and 49 percent of them being female. 17 percent of respondents were couples, while 13 percent were single and 69 percent were from families, just to give you an idea of them.Club Med Snow Report


Moreover, with 1 out of 3 having experienced snow holidays before, it is safe to say that Malaysians are familiar with mountain destinations and their diverse offerings, often choosing to spend about a week (4–10 days) holidaying. It should also be noted that 1 in every 3 of these Malaysian respondents have been on a snow holiday within the last 5 years.Club Med Snow Report

Hot Spots

Malaysians’ top 5 locations are Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Canada and China, which is a good mix of regional and international destinations.

In view of planning, their location choices are highly driven by rationality, according to the destination’s range of activities (66 percent), choice of activities within budget (59 percent), and being able to indulge in both a relaxing and active time (57 percent), where most choose to stay in resorts (72 percent), consistent with their top 3 consideration factors.Club Med Snow Report

The Novelty Factor

When it comes to trying winter sports, 62 percent are drawn to its novel experience, aligning with 39 percent who have it on their bucket list, both of which are more prominent among the APAC respondents, which goes to say how Malaysians view winter sports as trendy and are adventurous, with 57 percent indicating they simply love of the sheer excitement.Club Med Snow Report

Visit the Official Club Med Website to find out more.


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