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Christian Louboutin Introduces The New Astroloubi Must Have Sneakers

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Christian Louboutin Introduces The New Astroloubi Must Have Sneakers


You need to add the Astroloubi to your collection to up your style

Sneakers are a huge part of any aesthetic and what better way to truly show off your style in the modern world, where the style for most clothing has become very conventional and everyone starts to look the same. The one thing that is different for everyone is foot wear, so how do you ensure your sneaker game is untouchable?Astroloubi

The New Kid On The Block

Haven’t you heard? There’s a new sneaker on the block and it’s as fresh as they come. Meet the Astroloubi. A bold, 90’s street-style inspired silhouette borrowing the aesthetic of the era’s iconic basketball and skate sneakers brought to you by Christian Louboutin. Here is what you need to know about it.

Moreover, launching in five colourways including 90’s brights, cool pastels and a pared-back minimalist version, each iteration comes in an exciting mix of materials and textures such as luxurious smooth calfskin leather, soft suede, sleek satin and laminated nappa.Astroloubi

The Devil Is In The Details

The trimmings details, strong graphic lines, signature spikes on the back counter, ‘CL’ varsity logo on colourful outsole and that ubiquitous red sole, are all hallmark elements celebrating the Maison’s unique style. Featuring a sporty technical silhouette, the construction of the Astroloubi sneaker is bursting with innovations.Astroloubi

On top of that, the studied assembly of the upper elements onto a stretch, lightweight, knitted tongue associated with the soft and flexible strobel sport’s lasting construction and light  cupsole, will cuddle, cradle and cushion your foot like never before.

Talking about comfort, the Mison’s lightest low-top sneaker ever produced is 20 percent lighter than its all leather counterparts and, for the first time, granted a feather light, breathable lycra-covered open foam Loubi red footbed as well as a durable, fast drying, red lining. Ballers need to bounce but with the Astroloubi, they will fly.Astroloubi

Destined from the get-go to be the lightest and softest shoe within Christian Louboutin’s sneaker offer, this unique style set to be unveiled during Men’s Fashion  Week in June and officially launching in late August 2023 for both men and  women is, without a doubt, the one to watch this season.Astroloubi

Visit the Official Christian Louboutin Website to find out more.


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