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Cheval Blanc Paris Presents ‘Easter Bloom’ by Maxine Frederic

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Cheval Blanc Paris Presents ‘Easter Bloom’ by Maxine Frederic

Easter Bloom

Easter Bloom is a luxurious and indulgent chocolate treat

Maxime Frederic, Pastry Chef of Cheval Blanc Paris, and his team have dreamed up a beautifully bucolic Easter creation this year. To celebrate the arrival of spring, they extend an invitation to stroll through a chocolate garden where the rose reigns supreme.Easter Bloom

Experience The Greatness

Slow down. Lean in. Inhale its scent. Observe. Marvel. A rose is blooming and its made entirely of delicious chocolate. The poetic rose crafted by Frederic presents silky petals and a corolla in 75 percent dark chocolate made in the atelier of the chocolatier Nicolas Berger. These must be plucked delicately, with just the fingertips, to discover what lies at its tender heart.

Why Is It Great

Cheval Blanc understands that the greatest taste anyone can experience this season is the Easter Bloom and Maxine Frederic has truly knocked this out of the park. This new creation is not only appealing but tantalising for chocolate lovers. This is part of the reason why it is the perfect “in” thing this season.

What Is In It?

A chocolate egg filled with chocolate coated, caramelized hazelnuts from Maxime Frederic’s family farm, Le Secret de Nos Vergers, in Normandy. The Queen of her realm, the rose reigns in majesty over a delicate bar of chocolate garnished with pistachios, candied raspberry and rose jam.Easter Bloom

Beauty Never Tasted This Good

An exceptional piece recalling a floral composition, made specially to grace gourmet tables. It Serves 6 to 8 people and is the ultimate expression of what the bloom in Easter could be that makes it irresistible and the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

So if you were considering a tasty and beautiful experience this season, then experience the Easter Bloom from Cheval Blanc and taste the direct skill and dedication of  Maxime Frederic. Don’t forget to also make sure that you savour each and every moment enjoying this delicious and beautiful creation.Easter Bloom

Discover more details at the Official Cheval Blanc Website.


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