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Check Out the Art Of Franco Fasoli At Else Kuala Lumpur

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Check Out the Art Of Franco Fasoli At Else Kuala Lumpur


Enjoy the paintings of the current Artist-In-Residence and even take some home with you

“Culture Shock” is a captivating exhibition by Franco Fasoli, currently hosted at Else Kuala Lumpur from 29 September to 30 November 2023. Franco Fasoli, an acclaimed Argentinean set designer and visual artist, takes us on a journey through his first visit to Asia sharing the beauty, intimacy, and unique perspectives he encountered during his time in Kuala Lumpur.Franco Fasoli

Passion In Art

In “Culture Shock,” Franco rekindles his passion for oil painting after a decade providing a fresh lens through which to explore the intriguing connection between his Argentinean heritage and the transformative moments he experienced in Kuala Lumpur. The result of this is a series of colourful, vibrant paintings which are on display at the Else’s hotel lobby.

Moreover, every piece from Franco Fasoli also presents a unique cultural awareness as the artist shares his point of view on the eclectic and vibrant neighbourhoods of Kuala Lumpur through the eyes of a first – time visitor. You can also take home one or more of his art pieces if you like them as well.Franco Fasoli

About The Artist

Originally from Buenos Aires, Franco Fasoli is a talented set designer and visual artist with a diverse body of work. His artistic journey was significantly influenced by his training at the School of Ceramics and his extensive experience working on projects in the public space.

On top of that, Franco’s work is deeply rooted in his fascination with the complex social dynamics of Latin America, and aiming to create art pieces that offer a broad perspective on rituals, customs and the relationships between beliefs, politics and everyday life. This is all reflected in all his art.Franco Fasoli

With an impressive portfolio of eight solo exhibitions and numerous group projects globally, Franco Fasoli has earned recognition and accolades, including the Second Prize of the Itau Award (2017), a Mention in Painting at the National Salon (2021) and a Diploma of Merit in Visual Arts by Fundacion Konex (2022).

Undeniable Talent

Clearly all these accolades show that Franco Fasoli is a very talented artist and his work is definitely something anyone can be proud of to be put on their walls. So go ahead and admire his artwork at least as his status as the current Else Kuala Lumpur’s Artist-In-Residence gives us a rare chance to experience his art right at home.Franco Fasoli

Visit the Official Else Kuala Lumpur Website to find out more.


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