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Celebrate Qi Xi Festival With De Beers, Diamond Gifts For The Season Of Love

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Celebrate Qi Xi Festival With De Beers, Diamond Gifts For The Season Of Love

De Beers

Enjoy a dazzling array of diamond gifts for the season of love with De Beers

De Beers Jewellers, presents a range of enchanting diamond gift ideas in celebration of the upcoming Qi Xi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. With a legacy of craftsmanship and beauty, De Beers offers a curated collection that speaks to the heart of this special occasion, capturing the essence of love.De Beers

The Qi Xi Festival, observed on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, is a cherished time when love takes centre stage. De Beers’ diamond gifts not only embody the festival’s spirit but elevate it, giving couples a meaningful and enduring way to express their feelings.

Enchanted Lotus

Moreover, its ever-changing splendid floral elegance, embodies a unique interpretation of love. Just as the festival celebrates the meeting of separated lovers, each design in the collection symbolises an unbreakable bond, purity and eternity love as inspired by the lotus flower.De Beers

A Different Colour

Earlier in the year, De Beers introduced coloured enamel to its Fine Jewellery for the first time. These new pieces represent the start of a vivid new chapter for the Enchanted Lotus collection, with more colours of enamel set to join the ever-expanding family.De Beers

These include the Enchanted Lotus pendant necklace and bracelet in 18K rose gold and pink enamel, a romantic design that is instantly associated with love. Designed to be stacked and layered alongside other pieces of jewellery, such as the newly added pink cord bracelet and 18K rose gold frames, forming the lotus petals in full bloom.

De Beers

Portraits Of Nature

Each delicate butterfly design symbolises the beauty of transformation and the journey of love. Just as these graceful creatures are drawn to each other, these exquisite pieces are meticulously crafted to bring out the allure and charm of love stories.De Beers

To fully experience the allure of these extraordinary gifts, De Beers invites you to explore the collections at its boutique at Suria KLCC, Level Ground. The collections offer a unique opportunity to celebrate love’s splendour through meticulously designed diamond creations.


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