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Celebrate A Century Of Classics With Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros

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Celebrate A Century Of Classics With Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros

Warner Bros

Tickets are already on sale now for the first 25 out of 100 announced cities

Whether you consider yourself a boomer, Millennial or “zoomer,” we all shared one very defining commonality growing up, cartoons, specifically Warner Bros. Studios cartoons. Whether you woke up every Saturday to watch Batman, Thundercats, Looney Tunes or Xiaolin Showdown, we all remember those days fondly.Warner Bros

Now with Warner Bros. Studios celebrating its 100th Anniversary, the leading entertainment discovery platform, Fever, in partnership with the brand’s Discovery Global Themed Entertainment division are proud to launch Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros.

The concert series is a commemorative international musical performance coming to 100 cities worldwide. Part of the company’s global centennial campaign, the series features music from award-winning films and unforgettable television shows from the company.Warner Bros

Singapore will be one of the first cities to experience Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros., along with New York, London, Paris, Milan, Sao Paulo and Mexico City. More venues will be announced at a later date including Los Angeles and other events across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

From The Lord of The Rings, The Wizard of Oz, to Friends, Batman, Harry Potter and many more, Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros. will take you on a musical journey to relive your favorite nostalgic soundtracks while celebrating a century of captivating stories all over again.Warner Bros

Ignacio Bachiller, Co-Founder & CEO at Fever, said, “The fact that Warner Bros. Has chosen Fever and Candlelight to celebrate such a significant milestone as a 100th anniversary gives us tremendous pride. The Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros. concert series will be held in some of the most unique venues worldwide, performed by talented local musicians and this mix will continue and reinforce the mission of introducing classical music to every taste.”

Founded by Albert, Sam, Harry and Jack Warner, this event will celebrate the studio’s anniversary on 4 April 2023 throughout the year and the studio is home to one of the most successful collections of brands standing at the forefront of every aspect of the entertainment industry, from television video games.candlelight

Take a trip down memory lane by getting your tickets at the Official Candlelight: 100 Years of Warner Bros. Website.


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