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Casio Triple Collabs For This New High Speed Timepiece

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Casio Triple Collabs For This New High Speed Timepiece


Check out these Edifice, INITIAL D and MF Ghost edition timepieces

G-Shock watches have consistently been pushing the limits of timekeeping toughness since 1982. Now the company behind them, Casio is bringing together not one, not two, but three names in motorsports to create a high speed, high-adrenaline timepiece as a tribute to the world of racing.Casio

The three motorsports names Casio are collaborating with are Edifice, Initial D and MF Ghost. Based on the Edifice ECB-2000 MFG model, the first of its kind three-way collaboration feature two classic Japanese manga about street racing.Casio

For some context, Initial D is a manga series revolving around street racing. The series was written and illustrated by Shuichi Shigeno and was serialized in Kodonsha’s Young Magazine from 1995 to 2013. It sold over 56 million copies across the globe and started a massive following for its protagonist’s car, the Toyota AE86.

On top of that, MF Ghost is a car manga series centered around public road racing and was also written by Shuichi Shigeno. This series was serialized in 2017 by Young magazine again and tells the story of street racing in a world where self-driving cars have become the norm. Casio scored big time with these two mangas for sure.

Now, the Casio Edifice Initial D and MF Ghost was built to reflect the worldview of both these manga. The red and black motif on the watch is a nod to the same colour scheme driven by the main character of the MF Ghost series, Kanata Rivington’s iconic Toyota AE86.

What’s more, the Japanese characters “ギャァア” representing the sound of a scream, are engraved on the dial and stamped onto the surface of the watchband. These characters often appear in both the Initial D and MF Ghost series so eagle eyed fans will have this cool little easter egg to look forward to.

Moreover, the Casio Edifice Initial D and MF Ghost watch will also come equipped with Smartphone Link. This allows the watch to wirelessly connect to a range of different bluetooth devices and can be used with an app to be downloaded on your smartphone.Edifice

Naturally, every unit of the Casio Edifice Initial D and MF Ghost watch will also feature the G-Shock seal of shock resistance. It also boasts a 200m water resistance, hourly time signals, countdown timer and the hand shift feature. The watch will be made available at Edifice retail stores and online.Edifice

Check out the Official Casio Website for further deets.


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