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Casio To Release New G-Squad Shock Resistant Watch With Heart Rate Monitor

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Casio To Release New G-Squad Shock Resistant Watch With Heart Rate Monitor


Now you can also have a heart rate monitor on your G-Shock watch

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has just announced the release of a new addition to the sports-driven G-Squad line in its line of shock-resistant watches. The five new DW-H5600 watches inherit the iconic shape of the very first G-Shock and are equipped with an optical sensor to measure heart rate.

Developed in the quest to construct a watch that wouldn’t break, even if dropped, the first G-Shock debuted in 1983. Since then, Casio has continued to advance G-Shock functions, construction and design, with a constant focus on the shock-resistance of these watches and it shows, now the brand is set to take things even further.

Iconic Then, Iconic Now

On top of that, the iconic form of the very first model, the DW-5000C, has been passed down to subsequent generations of these timepieces. And the 5600 line, which inherits that form, has continually evolved, incorporating the most advanced functions available in each new era.

The new DW-H5600 timepieces retain the form of the first-ever G-Shock while delivering more advanced functions, all in a shock-resistant form equipped with a heart rate monitor useful for sports activities. The new watches support four different activities or exercises—running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training—and they are equipped with an optical sensor and an accelerometer to measure heart rate, distance, and calories burned.

Made To Last

Moreover, the watches utilize algorithms from Polar Electro Oy, a pioneer in the industry that has spent nearly 50 years perfecting the art of personalized guidance in fitness, sport and health, to provide analysis on training and sleep based on tracked data.

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