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Casio Releases G-Shock G-B 001 With Detachable Bezels

Style Time

Casio Releases G-Shock G-B 001 With Detachable Bezels


This Casio G-B001 now allows you to switch styles

Watches these days all seem to look the same, save for minor differences. This can get a little boring, so what do you get if you are on the market for something to help you truly stand out? Well, Casio might have just the thing for you, it is none other than the G-B001 which features a detachable bezel.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the newest additions to its family of shock-resistant G-Shock watches. The new G-B001 watches which take inspiration from DW-001 released in 1994, now with a playful touch with detachable bezels as well as a myriad of vibrant or low-key colours.

Curve The Haters With A New Form

Moreover, with its Capsule Tough design, which fully enveloped the case in resin to provide a unique shock resistant structure, the original DW-001 introduced a new sensibility by departing from the conventional rugged, hard designs. The power and strength of G-Shock conveyed in a new curved, soft form proved popular.

Casio G-B 001This design highlights the different character of the resin and metal bezels, delivering a watch that is pop and sophisticated at the same time. The yellow and rainbow coloured G-B001MVE also includes an interchangeable resin bezel and band, offering even more design combinations.

The detachable bezel on this shock-resistant watch allows users to mix and match components to choose a favorite look that best suits their style for the day.

G-B 001

Old Dog, New Tricks

Retaining the soft DW-001 form, the new G-B001watches feature a double-bezel design that allows users to detach the resin bezel to reveal the metal bezel below, much like the design of a toy capsule. The resin bezel also stays true to the DW-001 with a two-tone color scheme, while offering a more sophisticated look and feel.


The G-B001 is available at Casio G-Shock stores and on the Official Casio Website.


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