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Casio Adds New MRG-BF1000R To Its Growing Frogman Family


Casio Adds New MRG-BF1000R To Its Growing Frogman Family


Although largely famous for its line of G-Shock watches, Casio has also impressed with its line of Frogman diver’s watches. The latest to join the family of MR-G series watches from Casio is the MRG-BF1000R.  A new addition to the MR-G series, the flagship line of the G-Shock brand of shock-resistant watches, the MRG-BF1000R adopts the distinctive asymmetric form of the beloved Frogman range from Casio.

Built For Underwater Adventures

Casio MR-G

The Frogman remains one of the G-Shock brand’s signature lines thanks to its asymmetric design with the case shifted slightly leftward. This ensures unrestricted wrist movement underwater. Additionally, with a ISO 200-meter water resistance along with shock-resistant features, it makes the latest addition to the Casio MG-R family a perfect accessory for divers.

Casio MRG In Delicious In Metal

A big part of the appeal of the new MRG-BF1000R is that it delivers the asymmetric design of Frogman diver’s watches in metal form. In order to recreate the original resin-moulded form in metal, the structure is divided into multiple components with individual polishing processes.

Applied prior to assembly, it brings out stunningly attractive textures down to the finest details. The case is made up of 76 components, including the O-ring waterproof sealing, buffers, and other tiny parts.

Shock Proof

Also, to strengthen the shock-resistant structure, fluoro rubber buffers are incorporated into exterior components around the case, helping to absorb shocks as well as to protect the crystal. The case back employs a screw-lock construction press-fit with sapphire crystal to ensure a highly airtight structure while boosting radio wave reception sensitivity.

The watch also delivers practical functionality with hour and minute hands rotating together as one in dive mode to provide intuitive, easy-to-read display of time spent underwater. Three dual-coil motors enable swift operation of the hands for quickly switching between display of current time and elapsed dive time.

Connected Features

Casio MR-G Frogman

Pairing with the dedicated Casio Watches smartphone app also allows users to review records of their diving activities, including dive times and locations, and to easily access tide graphs for approximately 3,300 spots around the world. The new MRG-BF1000R is priced at RM20, 052 and will be available for purchase at all G-Shock stores from 5 May 2023.

(Images: Casio)


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