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Cartier’s Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier Celebrates The Art Of Fine Objects

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Cartier’s Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier Celebrates The Art Of Fine Objects

Les Ecrins Parfumes

The collection also features scented candles

With the new year just around the corner it is time for all of us to readjust and revert back to our regular lives. Luckily Cartier has the solution for you. Relax and escape with the brand’s scented candles from the Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier set.Les Ecrins Parfumes

The Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier set contains four candles made of porcelain that add color to your world and please your olfactory senses. The scented candles also feature codes of the Cartier red box which includes its emblematic shape and garland motif as well, all of which add to the beauty of the candles.

On top of that, the scented candles in the Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier set are designed by Cartier perfumer, Mathilde Laurent and each of the candles are capable of conjuring up a landscape and evoke a sense of vastness. Each of the candles also has its own unique aura and can be lit on its own or in combination with others.

Mathilde Laurent stated, “Through smoke, the origin of perfume, I wanted to offer the possibility to create amazing landscapes, real or imaginary, at home. By lighting the Ecrins Parfumes, we can rediscover the joy of moments spent in nature and invite everyone to enter into this unexplored sensory world of fragrance.”Les Ecrins Parfumes

The first of the four Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier candles is petals and it captures a meadow filled with flowers. It provides a floral explosion for the senses and is reminiscent of a bouquet as vast as a field having its scent wafted by the fresh morning breeze.

Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier, the second offering is a scented candle that captures the essence of the Desert. This scent represents the endless dunes warmed by the sun’s rays. It evokes a sea of sand traversed by a slow, soft and warm amber breeze.

The third of the four Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier scented candles is canopy which embodies the feeling of flying high above in the sky. It evokes a fresh and vibrant expanse of green woodland with a rich and varied complex aroma that was carried by the fresh wind.

Snow represents the fourth and final Les Ecrins Parfumes Cartier scented candle. This candle represents the discovery of the snowy white expanse which refracts the sunshine on top of it and bathing the surrounding landscape in a soft, pinkish glow, shrouded with frosty, fresh crystalline and musky notes.Cartier

More information can be found on the Official Cartier Website if you need it.


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