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Burberry Launches B:Mine Campaign For Valentine’s Day 2023

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Burberry Launches B:Mine Campaign For Valentine’s Day 2023


The perfect gift to celebrate the season of love

With 2023 practically a month in, it’s time to prepare for that special day that symbolizes love and happiness. That’s right, with 14 February 2023 coming soon, it’s time for you and your significant other to look your best.B:Mine

That is why Burberry has launched its new Valentine’s Day campaign, B:Mine just in time for the big day. The collection is perfect for you and your loved on to look your best on the special day.

The B:Mine collection is a celebration of intimacy and the small expressions of affection, sentiment and connection between all couples and even singletons for that matter.B:Mine

On top of that, the Burberry campaign includes different real-life couples expressing their own moments of embrace, tenderness and togetherness, accompanied by a curation of Burberry gifts as tokens of affection. Each item featured itself is a token of love that says “B:Mine.”B:Mine

Furthermore, The Burberry Valentine’s Day B:Mine campaign celebrates moments of intimacy that transcends physical touch. It  embodies bonds between two people, each small expression acting as an act of love. This creates a new love language for all to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, and it is called fashion.

Additionally, the B:Mine collection includes bags, shoes and accessories in soft shades of dusky pink and oat beige. These include oversized sunglasses in a spectrum of bright red, light blue and biscuit beige, animated with cut-out metal logos and textural temples that reference the quilting on the signature Lola bag.Burberry

What’s more, the B:Mine collection also features Jacquard-woven cashmere and printed silk scarves  Each feature the archive beige Burberry illustrated with a cherry blossom design as well as the playful attitude of the softly structured Lola collection of bags, wallets and card holders. All arrive detailed with signature quilted stitching which serves as a modern interpretation of the Burberry Check.

The cherry on top of the proverbial cake is the Burberry Valentine’s Day B:Mine collection is a pair of shoes unlike any other. This chunky sneaker is presented in a mix of leather, suede and technical materials, embossed with the Burberry logo.Burberry

More information can be found on the Official Burberry Website.


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