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Breitling Watches Opens Its Second Standalone Boutique At The Exchange TRX

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Breitling Watches Opens Its Second Standalone Boutique At The Exchange TRX

Breitling Watches

You can now browse the world of Breitling watches at KL’s newest shopping destination.

Swiss luxury watchmaker, Breitling Watches officially unveils its second standalone boutique located at The Exchange TRX. This is the latest vibrant retail destination in modern bustling Kuala Lumpur. The standalone boutique contributes to the brand’s global presence, complementing its impressive heritage.Breitling

Modern Design, Traditional Feel

In keeping with the iconic Breitling Watches industrial loft concept, the modern retro space is thoughtfully adorned with vintage décor and streamlined contemporary design. The result is a welcoming space with a relaxing atmosphere that seamlessly blends history and innovation. This makes it the perfect addition to the already happening location.Breitling

Moreover, the industrial loft concept captures the essence of a chic, modern, and free-spirited era, embodying sophistication and urban grit effortlessly. Exposed brick, dark wood floors, and Edison pendant lights cast a warm glow, creating an intimate ambiance. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer breath-taking views of the city skyline, complemented by tasteful furnishings.Breitling Watches

Maximally Minimalist

The entrance boasts a minimalist facade with large glass panels, providing a glimpse into the luxurious interior. The signature Breitling Watches “B” is boldly displayed across a sleek, backlit yellow sliding feature, hinting at the exclusivity within.

Additionally, mahogany wood display shelves with brushed dark metal accents, columns in walls, and vintage posters are meticulously curated to transport visitors through time. Custom-designed glass cases showcase Breitling Watches’ collection, inviting serious horological connoisseurs to explore the casual, inclusive luxury that defines Breitling.Breitling Watches

Like A Boss

In the two VIP lounge areas, contemporary leather seating provides a comfortable space for private consultations, personalised service, and exclusive previews of new collections. However, the undeniable spotlight steals the show with the Triumph Speed Twin bike in Matt Storm Grey, adding an extra touch of ruggedness to the overall ambiance.


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