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Bowmore And Aston Martin Reunite For Masters’ Selection Second Edition

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Bowmore And Aston Martin Reunite For Masters’ Selection Second Edition


The two brands are collaborating again to make the new definitive whisky

When Bowmore and Aston Martin came together the first time, it was an instant hit. After all, Bowmore has had decades to perfect their craft to ensure each moment bears the character of Whisky. Aston Martin on the other hand are known for the highest quality. So when these two icons collaborate, you know you’re in store for something special. Bowmore

Bowmore is purposeful with every single move, they make their whisky the way it is intentionally to add depth and a unique flavour in every sip of their single malt whisky. It is this very precision that drives their collaboration with Aston Martin, a partnership of heritage and innovation, this is why their whisky is unmatched.

Despite being of two different worlds, both brands are tied together by synchronicity. Both masters in their own realms, it is truly befitting that their partnership creates a refined, flavourful and distinctive whisky. It is said that this 22-year-old single malt possesses a symphony in each sip.

Each of the two brands’ differences allow for them to get creative in every aspect of making the whisky from start to finish. By sharing their experiences, ideas and thoughts, the two icons explore each other’s worlds and use that to improve the whisky in every way.Bowmore

This is tantalizingly apparent in the synchronized creativity of the mixture between American Oak hogsheads and Sherry butts as well as uniting whisky distilled in the years 1997 and 2000 respectively.  This births a new flavour born of two different millenniums making it perfect for anyone who loves whisky.

The 22-year-old single malt blends the sweet fragrances of honey, peach and apricot smoothly with bolder aromas such as fresh tobacco, cloves and eucalyptus resulting in a duality of tastes. This whisky produces a maritime feel, salty taste, sweetness and so much more to create a choir of flavours.

Honestly, we can continue to wax lyrical about how great this whisky is. However when you get two well-respected brands that are unchallenged in their field, the quality speaks for itself.Aston Martin

Discover more about the Bowmore Aston Martin collaboration from the Official Bowmore Website.


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