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Birkenstock Celebrates Three Models With Limited Anniversary Capsule

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Birkenstock Celebrates Three Models With Limited Anniversary Capsule


The anniversary capsule features the Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh

Birkenstock will be celebrating several milestone anniversaries in the 2023 summer season. And part of that celebration includes the launch of a limited capsule collection paying homage to three of its design icons.Birkenstock

With their distinctively linear and functional designs and the unique Birkenstock footbed, the Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh are worn by millions all over the world. To mark the 60th, 50th, and 40th anniversaries of the iconic footwear, Birkenstock is bringing back the original models as part of a limited edition collection.

A Proven Formula

The Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh, have one thing in common, namely being the centerpiece of Birkenstock, the original footbed. Its anatomical shape is the result of orthopedic experience passed down from one generation of the family to the next and Karl Birkenstock’s uncompromising mission to make a natural gait possible for everyone around the world.

Oliver Reichert, CEO, stated, “ Birkenstock  wrote design history with the  Madrid, Arizona, and Gizeh , and revolutionized the development of footfriendly footwear. The successful symbiosis of function and design not only defines these three anniversary pieces, but also determines every step we take.”

The Madrid

The first Birkenstock sandals as we know today were developed by the visionary Karl Birkenstock, who took inspiration from the work of his father, Konrad Birkenstock. The orthopedic shoemaker focused on developing the footbed in the 1960s, which resulted in the Madrid, the first shoe from the brand that would give people a “natural gait”. Birkenstock

The Arizona

In 1973, the Arizona first saw the light of day ahead of the 200th heritage anniversary of the brand’s family. Initially sold exclusively in specialist stores due to its unique footbed attributes, the Arizona soon became a symbol of the 1970s counterculture in the USA and also became a bestseller.

The Gizeh

1983 saw the brand moved into new territory. With the Gizeh, Karl Birkenstock remained true to his clear and bold aesthetic while taking inspiration from one of the oldest shoes in history, developing the first thong sandal with an ergonomically shaped toe bar.Birkenstock

To find out more about the new limited collection, check out the Official Birkenstock Website.


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