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The Most Cost-Effective Oscar Films Of 2023 

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The Most Cost-Effective Oscar Films Of 2023 


Surely Successful Oscar Films Can’t Be Making A Loss, Right?

The Oscars are less than a month away and as is the case with every Oscars, the one question on everyone’s mind is “which movie will win best picture?” As per usual, there is no way of knowing, or is there? Well, Online casino guide Japan-101 might have an answer if it was down to the most cost-effective film made.


Top Gun Flies High

According to the list, Top Gun: Maverick made back the most money proportionally with 8.7 times gross worldwide profit compared to its original production cost. Therefore, the Top Gun sequel was the most cost effective and the least expensive Oscar Nominated film overall, which would make it the first choice for Best Picture. Top Gun: Maverick is streaming on HBO GO.

oscar films avatar 2

Second In The Franchise, Second Overall

Avatar: The Way of Water was the most expensive film to make as a result of its insane USD350 million budget, but ended up the second most cost effective, making back only 6.3 times its budget. The gross worldwide profit was USD2.2 billion, making it the runner up in this list. Avatar: The Way of Water is now in cinemas.

The Third Choice

Everything Everywhere All at Once came in as the third most cost effective overall Oscar nominated film and coincidentally also had the third smallest budget. Amassing almost USD107 million in gross profit despite its comparatively modest budget of USD25 million, the film proportionally made back 4.2 times its initial budget. Everything Everywhere All at Once is streaming on HBO GO.

The Wild Card

Of the eight films nominated for best picture, The Banshees of Inisherin had the second smallest budget of just over USD10 million. Despite this, the gross worldwide profit of this Oscar nominated film made proportionally 3.9 times more, which, surprisingly, makes it the fourth most cost effective.The Banshees of Inisherin is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

oscar films elvisThe Legend Returns

It would seem that nobody could resist falling in love with this Austin Butler-led Oscar nominated film. Despite making a healthy USD287 million gross worldwide profit at the box office, making it the fifth movie on the list of most likely nominated films to win based on proportional profit. Elvis is streaming on HBO GO.

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