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Berluti Unveils New Project With Customized Land Rover

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Berluti Unveils New Project With Customized Land Rover


Joining the vehicle is a collection of vintage accessories

French Maison, Berluti is adding a special, new, one-of-a-kind piece to its lifestyle objects collection in the form of a customized vintage Land Rover and it perfectly exemplifies the brand’s core taste for exceptional lifestyle expertise. What’s more, the French Maison is giving us a collection of accessories to go with it too.Berluti

Customized to reflect Berluti’s passion for excitement, fun adventures and outdoors spirit to forge ahead on the path less travelled a vintage 1963Land Rover. The model was one of the first 4X4 vehicles to break the mould of utilitarian vehicle to lifestyle statement made for leisure travel.

Moreover, this Berluti Land Rover was repainted in its original sand colour and then given a stylish Berluti touch via the convertible canvas hood. The hood is printed with an overblown Scritto motif along with seven new seats covered in Venezia leather finished in stunning Cacao Intenso patina for extra style points.

On top of that, the inside of this Berluti Land Rover has also been given a stylish touch by the French Maison. Both the dashboard and analog chrome mileage counter have been highlighted while the storage space has been optimised with hidden pockets and cases inspired by the brand’s iconic bags.

Despite all these new additions and improvements, the timeless vintage simplicity of the car has been preserved and features subtle upgrades. This includes the addition of power steering and disc brakes, which will allow it to be driven on all terrain despite its ultra-light aluminium bodywork and 2.3 litre 4 cylinder engine that makes 77hp.

Naturally, Berluti has also curated a collection of car accessories to go along with this one-of-a-kind SUV including travel blankets, a small Nino pouch and keyring as well as backpacks made specially for hiking expeditions.

The French Maison also includes a two-place hammock, an expression of Berluti’s flair for proficiency for elegance. This hammock is made of canvas and leather and can be hung from one side of the car and from a specially conceived metallic stand or just a tree if you’re in the great outdoors.Berluti

More details can be found at the Official Berluti Website.


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