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Belmond Train Unveils New Cabin Category

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Belmond Train Unveils New Cabin Category

Belmond Train

This Venice Simplon-Orient-Express experience opens in June 2023

2023 marks the year of exciting new hotel openings and re-openings. And one of the many new exciting openings this year is the Belmond Train.Belmond Train

Dubbed Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, a Belmond Train in Europe is perhaps one of the most intriguing openings of the year as it offers a unique “on the move” experience.

Now, Belmond has just unveiled this new cabin category aboard the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, and it is bonkers. It is literally a hotel room on wheels with  eight whole new suites joining the rake from June 2023.

These new suites will join the two pre-existing cabin categories. It will also bring a new expression of opulence to the train, which is steeped in history and cared for with the utmost respect to retaining the iconic craftsmanship of the 1920s and 30s. More importantly, it will bring a new era of luxury and comfort to the original legend of the rails.Belmond Train

Thus far, two original carriages have already been restored by expert French craftsmen and designers, who have reimagined the spaces on board the Belmond Train while still retaining their golden era of travel look and feel. This is the perfect way to blend past and present in a tasteful manner.

What’s more, the design immerses you in an experience unlike any other, bringing together iconic history and modern comfort. It is a space in continuous motion, inspired by ever changing landscapes.Belmond Train

Furthermore, the rich layering of the interiors of the Belmond Train are oozing with authentic craftsmanship and historical references, celebrating the journey while creating a quiet ambience. The lavish new Suites will elevate the train’s existing accommodation, to now offer a trio of cabin categories to suit every traveller.

With all the beauty of a Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Historic Cabin, the new Belmond Train Suites have the added benefit of a private marble ensuite bathroom. It is also fitted with a lounging area by day converted to either double or twin beds, by night for maximum pleasure and maximum comfort.Venice

For more information on the Belmond Train visit the Official Belmond Website.


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