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Bell & Ross Present Three Grail Watch 4 Examples with Alain Silberstein

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Bell & Ross Present Three Grail Watch 4 Examples with Alain Silberstein

Grail Watch

The limited edition timepieces come in three geometrical designs

Bell & Ross have always made beautiful and unique watches. Now with the mesmerizing design and watchmaking prowess of Alain Silberstein, the two are coming together to turn dreams into reality. The collaboration sees the classic Bell & Ross square case embrace the whimsical world of geometry and primary colors.

This unique collaboration began two years ago when Wei Koh approached Silberstein with his dream idea for the Rake Watch 4.  The two immediately thought of Bell & Ross as Silberstein regards the BR 01 as the most iconic timepiece of the millennium.

Furthermore, when the three parties all got together to create this marvel of horology, they all agreed that the ceramic Grail watch models had to be perfect. Bell & Ross CEO, Carlos Rosilio said, “It’s true that the watches turned out to be far more complex than we ever anticipated, but we promised each other we would only launch them when they were perfect.”Grail Watch

All three versions of the Grail Watch 4 use the BR03 case which is 42mm X 42mm and is a bit smaller than the BR 01 case which is 46mm X 46mm. This makes the watch perfect for any wrist, even small ones. What’s more the watches are stylish as they utilize black ceramic for the watch case and black rubber straps.

Bell & Ross co-founder and creative director, Bruno Belamich also insisted the watch be as simplistic in design as possible due to the use of geometric shapes to ensure it would not be too complicated. This is part of the reason why the timepiece does not sport any brand logos.Grail Watch

Bruno stated, “We decided to simply use the ampersand that already features prominently in our brand name, because what better symbol for a collaboration between equals could you imagine?”

To commemorate the exclusivity of the Grail Watch 4, each example will be individually numbered 1 to 50. This is because only 50 of the exclusive boxes will be made. So even though each of the three types of the timepieces will have 100 examples made, only 50 boxes will be made for the timepieces.B & R

Visit the Official Bell & Ross Website if you are eyeing a unique and high quality watch today.


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