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Bell & Ross Collaborate With Tara Ocean Highlighting French Precision

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Bell & Ross Collaborate With Tara Ocean Highlighting French Precision

Tara Ocean

Tara Ocean protects the Ocean in the name of public interest

French watchmaker Bell & Ross just announced the brand’s partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation which is the first foundation to be recognized as promoting the public interest. Together these two French organizations driven by precision and excellence have even given us watches that embody these values in the past.


Carlos Rosillo, President and CEO of Bell & Ross and Romain Troublé, General Manager of the Tara Foundation

While we as humans have already mapped out the earth and sky almost entirely but even today, we have only mapped out less than half of our oceans and it is still a mystery to us. The Tara Ocean Foundation pushes the boundaries of ocean exploration to raise awareness about the fragility and importance of the Ocean.

Moreover, Bell & Ross have also contributed to ocean discovery efforts by equipping professionals with precision instruments. What’s more the company also presented the BR02 in 2007, a professional diver’s watch, which was dive certified at 11,000 metres and followed up with the BR03-92 in 2017.Tara Ocean

On top of that, both of these Bell & Ross watches featured the same level of excellence that the brand is known for which made them the perfect for professionals who demand the utmost quality and reliability. This is why the partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation makes sense as both parties only accept the highest quality.

Now both the Tara Ocean Foundation and Bell & Ross have decided to come together to combine their impeccable skills to work together on an expedition aboard the Schooner where the Tara Ocean Foundation brought together researchers to share their knowledge to study the ocean and understand it better.Tara Ocean

Furthermore, the crew that the Tara ocean Foundation put together for the aforementioned expedition was mainly made up of sailors and scientists but also included a few photographers, journalists, artists, designers and other talents to make sure all cultures and disciplines were represented.

Of course, the Schooner floating ship was a major factor behind the success of these expeditions but Bell & Ross also contributed considerably by equipping the exceptional pilots and divers with their precise and reliable instruments and machines which ensured high quality and safety for all parties involved.

As a result of this, divers from the Tara Ocean Foundation wear Bell & Ross Diver series watches till today as the company ensures their watches and instruments all pass the highest caliber quality checks for optimal performance.Tara Ocean

Looking for a high quality and ready-for-anything watch to accompany you on all your adventures? Visit the Official Bell & Ross Website today.


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