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Bell & Ross Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of The Patrouille De France

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Bell & Ross Celebrates The 70th Anniversary Of The Patrouille De France

Patrouille De France

Bell & Ross celebrates the French aero display team with a limited edition timepiece

An elite unit of the French Air and Space Force, the Patrouille de France has established itself for 70 years as one of the most prominent aerobatic display teams. Founded in 1953, the Patrouille de France has built its reputation on the excellence of its pilots chosen from among the best fighter pilots, and the panache of its developments, appreciated at all latitudes.Patrouille De France

A symbol of the performance of our armed forces, the Patrouille de France is also an ambassador of French style throughout the world. Each flight is a feat, both on a purely technical level and in its artistic dimension. A long-standing success which has been renewed for several decades thanks to the meticulous preparation and precise execution.

Old Heritage Inspiration

Moreover, based on a precious heritage, these notions are particularly inspiring for the present times. The same applies, of course, for Bell & Ross, which is dedicating a limited edition of its BR 03 instrument watch to this exceptional anniversary.Patrouille De France

The Patrouille de France and Bell & Ross are two institutions which now have a common history. The link is much stronger than a simple association of two names. Just as aerobatics presupposes a perfect symbiosis between the team members, since 2021, the two trajectories have intersected and sometimes even merge.

A Long Lasting Partnership

On top of that, over time, a real partnership has been forged between these two entities, each of which is a benchmark in their area of expertise, thanks to shared values. The Patrouille de France has marked minds and hearts for seven decades thanks to its highly skilled pilots, but also its exceptional aircraft. In the sky, their slender lines and their agility are also part of the beauty of the show.Patrouille De France

From the Thunderjet, which entered into service in 1953 to the Alphajet, in service since 1981, not forgetting the Ouragan, Mystère IV and the mythical Fouga Magister, these aircraft are part of the legend. How could we not pay homage to them? To celebrate these icons, they are represented on the back of the ceramic case of the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 PAF.

The human dimension is essential in any aerial performance. In an aircraft, flight instruments are designed to serve the pilot. Guided by this philosophy, Bell & Ross has always been keen to develop its professional timepieces in direct contact with their users. A guideline that influences the technical characteristics and adds a real meaningful touch to the watches.Patrouille De France

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