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BBC Reveals 100 Women 2023 And Celebrates 28 Climate Pioneers

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BBC Reveals 100 Women 2023 And Celebrates 28 Climate Pioneers


BBC 100 Women 2023 highlights Michelle Obama, Aitana Bonmatí, and more

The BBC has revealed the names of the inspiring and influential women on the BBC 100 Women list for 2023. For the first time, to recognise the disproportionate impact of climate change on the lives of women and girls, this year’s BBC 100 Women list specifically highlights a group of women leading the battle against the climate crisis.

A specific Change

Moreover, the announcement of this year’s list kicks off the BBC’s 100 Women 2023 season, focusing on women’s rights and diverse life experiences around the globe, with special content including interviews, documentaries, features, digital and social journalism, across the BBC’s UK and global TV and radio services, and online.BBC

Each year, 12 million underaged girls are forced into marriage, a crisis that at the current rate will take over 300 years to fix, says the UN. Now, three of the world’s most high-profile humanitarians have vowed to tackle the issue together. This issue is also one that we see happening in Malaysia so it is good we are addressing it.

Prolific Names

In a BBC 100 Women exclusive, Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney and Melinda French Gates talk about the work they do to combat child marriage and amplify the efforts of grassroots organisations. All three of these amazing women have already contributed and made many impacts as it is so we are glad to see them onboard.

We are also seeing more and more women come forward and speak out against injustices and world issues that previous generations either refused to or could not properly address or handle. As such, seeing more women call these issues out and help solve them is a breath of fresh air especially to younger girls worldwide.BBC

The BBC 100 Women 2023 airs on Saturday 25 November 2023 at 09:30am and 04:30pm Malaysia local time, Sunday 26 November at 03:30pm and 10:30pm local time and Monday 27 November at 05:30am local time on BBC News (UnifiTV channel 601, Astro channel 532) and will livestream globally on the BBC website.

Find out more on the Official BBC Website.


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