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Batik Boutique’s Top Seller Arabesque is Back

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Batik Boutique’s Top Seller Arabesque is Back


This uniquely local flavoured design is now even more localized

The Arabesque is the signature design and top-seller of Batik Boutique. This timeless and beautiful local design is now back in stock and the new collection is just beaming with high quality artisan-made products that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.Arabesque

The muse of Arabesque design has its roots way back in early Islamic Civilization. This was a time when Mathematics and Geometry were catching on quicker than fire and artists were eager to master abstract geometric patterns and include them in their arts and crafts.

The Arabesque collection features a plethora of different historical art-inspired products and designs for everyone. It includes the Men’s Batik Shirt which is the ever popular Batik shirt made better as it is not just a wearable, but also a piece of heritage.

Moreover, the new Arabesque collection also features a Men’s Silk Cotton Neck Tie and Pocket Square Gift set. Both add a bold and historic style to the generic suit with a play on colours and patterns creating a unique look.Batik Boutique

Additionally, the Arabesque collection also comes in a bunch of accessories and gifts like notebooks, Card Holder Wallets, Key Fobs, Tumblers and Passport Covers. All are guaranteed to make you and your accessory of choice look far more stylish and unique than everyone else.

Our personal favourite accessory is without a shadow of a doubt, the Batik insert Tumbler. It elevates the simple everyday item, making it a standout, stylish accessory.

What else can we say other than we are proud to see our traditional Malaysian heritage being mixed with modern styles to create something truly stunning. We have never felt more proud to be Malaysian after seeing these masterpieces.Batik Boutique

Want to snag a heritage batik inspired accessory or wearable today? Get yours on the Official Batik Boutique Website today.


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