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Bar Trigona Stirs Up Locally Celebrated Flavours For One-Night Only In Singapore

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Bar Trigona Stirs Up Locally Celebrated Flavours For One-Night Only In Singapore


Enjoy all these local offerings from Bar Trigona only at Smoke & Mirrors

The Bar Trigona, located at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur is well known for offering masterfully crafted cocktails. Priding itself on using local and sustainable ingredients in a sleek and contemporary environment, it is assuredly one of the most well rounded bars in the country.

Now Available Across The Causeway

Since the bar is always the first choice among most bar goers, particularly in Malaysia, many of our friends in Singapore do not regularly get the chance to enjoy these local favourites. Now, Smoke & Mirrors in Singapore will host two masters of mixology from Trigona for one night only for Singaporeans to enjoy.

Bar Trigona

From Malaysia With Love

An evening of regionally commemorated flavours awaits guests as acclaimed mixologist and Head Bartender Rohan Matmary, alongside his innovative Penang-born colleague, Melvin Lim take over bar duties. Both bring a taste of Malaysia’s homegrown ingredients and long-honoured beverage rituals from Trigona to Singapore.

Enjoy Malaysian Favourites

Guests can journey your way through the different Malaysian regions presented in four JURA 12 Years tipples. Start with Teh Tarik, a full-bodied Sabah tea cocktail seamlessly blended with Jura 12 Years and sweetened with local palm sugar, Gula Melaka.

smoke and mirrorsTo follow, sip on libations elevated with sustainably-sourced ingredients such as locally-produced raw Trigona honey through Kunyit Royale (Jura 12 Years, ginger, lemon, galangal, honey, Bunga Kantan) and Trigona Old Fashioned (Jura 12 Years, Jura 18 Years, Cynar, infused honey).

Also, find a spicy and savoury end to your Bar Trigona experience with Peninsula-inspired Bak Kut Teh. The cocktail is made infusing fat-washed butter with Jura 12 years, topped with Bak Kut eh Sweet Vermouth and amplified with Sichuan Pepper bitters. Just writing about this is making us feel thirsty.

A Truly Malaysian Experience In Singapore

Since this special Bar Trigona experience is only available for one night only, you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to raise a toast with one of the Southeast Asian regions’ best, in the backdrop of stunning skyline views at Smoke & Mirrors.


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