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Balenciaga Introduces The Duty Free Tote Bag

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Balenciaga Introduces The Duty Free Tote Bag

Balenciaga Duty Free Tote

The Duty Free Tote bag was first seen on the Summer 23 Show

The Balenciaga bag draws its inspiration from a type of gifted or shopping tote bag in see-through mesh and with an inner detachable zipped flat pouch. This is firmly featured throughout the design of the bag and it makes the bag look so much better regardless of which colour you get it in.Duty Free Tote

More Colours, More Fun

First seen on the Summer 23 Show in Large, the Balenciaga Duty Free Tote Bag is also available in Medium and Small sizes, as well as in three colourways, namely black, white, and neon pink, all with aged silver brass hardware. All colour options are also signed with a contrasting printed Balenciaga Paris signature adding a premium touch to add to the bag. The motif also adds a classy look and feel to an already good-looking bag. This makes the bag even more of a statement piece and the perfect companion for any setting or outing.

Size Matters

The small Balenciaga Duty Free Tote Bag retails for RM7,450 while the large version of the bag retails for RM9,700. The latter version looks substantially bigger, and therefore, much more practical as it definitely will be able to carry more items.Duty Free Tote

All versions of the Balenciaga Duty Free Tote bag are designed with a unique, two tier handle and a more or less square (slightly rectangular) look as all sides of the bag seem to be the same length. For those in the market for a unique and stylish looking bag then look no further than this Bag. It not only offers a multitude of colours in two practical sizes but it also serves as a classy carrier to transport your daily essentials in style.

Get your own Duty Free Tote Bag at the Official Balenciaga Website.


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