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Audeze To Launch Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset For PC And Console

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Audeze To Launch Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset For PC And Console


The Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset has 80 hours of wireless battery life

Audeze, the leading audio technology brand and pioneer of high-end gaming audio products, will be releasing Maxwell, a new ultra-low-latency wireless PC and console gaming headset. The new headset offers an impressive and class-leading 80 plus hours of battery life so you can game uninterrupted for longer without worrying.Audeze

Gaming Made Limitless

Maxwell is the latest headset from Audeze in a line of purpose-built gaming headsets and two versions of Maxwell will be made available for both the Xbox & PC which is officially licensed by Microsoft and includes the first auto-activating Dolby Atmos license. Maxwell for Playstation & PC will support Tempest 3D Audio.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

The Maxwell headset provides ultra-low-latency, high-resolution audio up to 24-bit 96kHz when connected to the included USB dongle. Low-latency wireless range and stability are improved up to 3X from the award-winning Audeze Penrose headset. It also supports high-resolution audio up to 24-bit 96kHz over wired USB with no loss.Maxwell

Lag-Free A.I. Technology

Audeze brings its proprietary lag-free A.I. powered noise filtration to Maxwell for crystal-clear communication in any environment. The hardware based A.I. system automatically eliminates background noise with the touch of a button, with no additional software or setup required.

This technology is perhaps the most useful feature of the Maxwell and is the true selling point of this product which differentiates it from other products on the market. This means affordable quality since most other gaming headsets with similar technology cost an arm and a leg.Maxwell

Studio Quality Sound

Powered by Audeze’s award winning 90mm planar magnetic drivers, with over 3 times more surface area compared to drivers from other headsets, Maxwell delivers a powerful bass and clear precision. This will enable quicker response which as we gamers know, makes all the difference.

Limitless Customisation

Maxwell combines the best of both worlds for PCs and Consoles by adding support for features like Game-Chat mix and advanced gaming presets. It also boasts user-customisable multi-band EQ, ability to enhance specific sound cues with presets for footsteps, ballistics, racing and role playing games (RPG)s, and up to 4 user-defined EQ profiles. Maxwell also comes with Audeze HQ gaming app that gives users access to a wide range of customisable features.Audeze

Further details can be found at the Official Audeze Website.


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