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Aston Martin Unveils The DBR22 To Commemorate A Decade Of Exclusivity


Aston Martin Unveils The DBR22 To Commemorate A Decade Of Exclusivity

Aston Martin DBR22

This open-cockpit DBR22 represents the brand’s lifetime of thrilling drives

Aston Martin made a splash at the 2022 Monterey Car Week by unveiling their newest head turner, the Aston Martin DBR22. This twin-turbo V-12 powered two-seater sports car features an open-cockpit design which stays true to the brand’s long and well known bloodline.

This design was made in conjunction with the ultra-luxury marque’s bespoke division, Q by Aston Martin, turning 10 as the DBR22 is the latest car in a long line of exceptional projects handled by said bespoke division.

DBR22 frontQ by Aston Martin handles projects for the most discerning customers and some of their projects include the one-off Aston Martin Victor, the limited Aston Martin Vulcan and Aston Martin Vantage V600, which were limited to only 24 units and 14 units respectively across the globe.

DBR22 sideMoreover, the DBR22 is perhaps the most unique creation from Q by Aston Martin and combines heritage via the classic art of coach-building with modern cutting-edge technology to make a car that looks timeless yet still offers an unparalleled driving experience.

DBR22 with the classicOn top of that, the Aston Martin DBR22 also pays homage to the classic two-seater open-cockpit sports cars that came before it like the DBR1 and DB3S. It is good to see the brand stick to its roots and find the perfect balance between tradition and performance.

DBR22 rearAnother way the DBR1 and DB3S influenced the Aston Martin DBR22 is by forgoing the usual vein design grille on standard Aston Martins and replacing it with the all new and unique carbon fibre grille on this car.

The bonnet design is also unique and features a horseshoe vent which aids air-flow to the monstrous twin turbocharged V-12 engine that launches this absolute unit of an Aston Martin up to a top speed of 319km/h and allows it to complete the century sprint in about 3.4 seconds. This engine also produces 715Ps and 753Nm of torque.

However, the most unique thing about the Aston Martin DBR22 to me is the entirely bespoke paint color which was developed specifically for this car using ‘Paint to Sample.’

This feature is an exclusive option from Q by Aston Martin and perfectly shows how much the division truly takes into account their exclusivity and customer satisfaction.

DBR22 cockpitWith all that said, are you excited to see this car on the roads? Will we even see a single unit of the Aston Martin DBR22 on Malaysian roads or will Aston Martin make so few units that many regions of the world won’t ever see one on their roads?


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