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Astell&Kern Unveils The ACRO CA1000T All-In-One Head-Fi Audio System

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Astell&Kern Unveils The ACRO CA1000T All-In-One Head-Fi Audio System


The South Korean electronics company continues to push the boundaries osound quality

The premium multi-award-winning audio brand, Astell&Kern, has just unveiled its newest offering, the ACRO CA1000T, which features a wide range of connections. It is also the world’s first portable device with the latest ESS flagship Dual DAC and Dual Tube Triple Amp SystemAstell&Kern

The ACRO CA1000T is the world’s first multi-functional Head-Fi audio system from Astell&Kern and was Designed for the audio connoisseur. Reportedly it pushes sonic limitations beyond that of a standalone headphone amplifier with additional terminals for multiple connections all put into one portable package.

Moreover, the Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000T was built with audiophiles in mind as it harnesses the first dual application of ES9039MPRO, the latest flagship DAC of ESS. It also features a built-in stereo MQA renderer that helps to provide a clear, three-dimensional sound with improved modulation.

All this means that the Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000T will be able to reduce both power consumption and noise for an enhanced audio performance. Inside this audio device sits a refreshed circuit design for fuller sound, from deep and rich bass tones to crystal clear high notes.

According to the company,  the CA1000T builds on the success of the ACRO CA1000 and features the brand’s own unrivaled TERATON ALPHA technology, which provides distortion-free sound even at the highest output. The device also supports a four-stage Gain Level setting of up to 15Vrms.

Also, with the Astell&Kern CA1000T, you can pick and choose from seven DAC filters to create personalised sound signatures suited specifically for you. The device also offers filters with different levels of suppression, pre ringing, and bass, among others that make it perfect for a plethora of diverse listening needs. Astell&Kern

The Astell&Kern CA1000T is also equipped with the brand-new “HYBRID AMP” mode which enhances the resolution and clarity of the existing “TUBE AMP” mode to express more musical detail. Essentially this new mode combines analogue performance and high-resolution output to give you a new tonal atmosphere.

Additionally, the Astell&Kern ACRO CA1000T features a tilted 4.1-inch touch-screen display easily adjusted up to 60 degrees inclination. It weighs enough to stand firmly on a table and provides compatible I/O terminals that can satisfy the diverse needs of audio enthusiasts who want to build a complete Head-Fi system.

Visit the Official Astell&Kern Website to find out more.


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