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Arnold & Son Unveils Amber Double Tourbillon White Gold Timepiece

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Arnold & Son Unveils Amber Double Tourbillon White Gold Timepiece


Celebrate rare materials and uniqueness with the Amber Double Tourbillon White Gold 

Arnold & Son introduces a groundbreaking addition to its Double Tourbillon collection with the unveiling of a new Baltic amber dial, marking a pioneering achievement in Swiss watchmaking. This exclusive timepiece showcases the rare ‘tiger’ amber, enveloping twin tourbillons within its rich, moiré yellow hue. Amber

Rare Materials

Known for its innovative use of rare minerals, Arnold & Son’s exploration now includes Baltic amber, following earlier experiments with imperial jade, malachite, and aventurine. The double tourbillon, a hallmark of the brand’s horological expertise spanning 260 years, finds a fitting stage in this amber model, celebrating both creativity and uniqueness.

Moreover, fossilization and Unique Characteristics Baltic amber, contrary to popular perception, boasts a creamy appearance with a range of colours. Arnold & Son’s choice of warm, moiré yellow amber highlights its fossilized origins as resin from ancient conifers along the Baltic Sea coast, dating back some 44 million years. Amber

Two Sides, One Watch

The Double Tourbillon White Gold pays homage to John Arnold’s dual pursuits of chronometry and world time. Inspired by his marine chronometers, which facilitated accurate navigation by calculating longitude, this watch features dual time displays.

On top of that, the upper dial shows local time with Roman numerals, while the lower dial displays a secondary time zone with Arabic numerals, each independently precise to the minute. Craftsmanship and Mechanical Complexity Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the timepiece houses the A&S8513 caliber.Amber

Not Your Average

The convex sapphire crystal accommodates the depth of the twin tourbillons, supported by intricate, skeletonised white gold bridges and a dual gear train. Unlike conventional travel watches, it accommodates time zones offset by 15, 30, or 45 minutes, offering unparalleled versatility.

The movement’s intricate finishes exemplify Arnold & Son’s mastery, from radiant Côtes de Genève stripes to sunray-brushed crown wheels and polished gold chatons. Highlighting this craftsmanship are tourbillon bridges meticulously beveled, satin-finished, and mirror-polished in solid white gold.Amber

Arnold & Son’s Double Tourbillon White Gold stands as a testament to precision engineering and artistic refinement, marrying technical prowess with aesthetic allure in a timepiece that defines luxury and innovation in watchmaking.


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