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Arnold & Son Unveil New DSTB 42 Timepieces at Geneva Watch Days

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Arnold & Son Unveil New DSTB 42 Timepieces at Geneva Watch Days


The DSTB 42 can be had in both Platinum and Red Gold editions

At the 2023 edition of Geneva Watch Days, Arnold & Son reinterpreted one of its most personal collections, the DSTB 42, which stands for ‘Dial-Side True Beat,’ and reveals its true-beat seconds mechanism on the dial side. Under its openwork and finely chamfered gold bridges, lies its characteristic anchor.

A Great Leap

All true-beat seconds require a dedicated mechanism. No escapement in a compact watch, especially one worn on the wrist, functions at a native frequency of one oscillation per second. On the DSTB 42, the sweep-seconds hand jumps from second to second, powered by a mechanism developed by Arnold & Son’s watchmakers.

Great Bridges

Moreover, this true-beat seconds needed to be displayed in a way that reflects its historic importance for Arnold & Son. The choice to place it on the dial side creates an additional level in the calibre.DSTB 42

This, in turn, required three dedicated bridges, fashioned in line with the Arnold & Son aesthetic, whose graphic design and finishes give the dial its truly unique appearance.

They are open-worked, three-dimensional, and carefully crafted from red or white gold, depending on the DSTB 42 version. This true-beat seconds mechanism fills the space with its presence, balanced out by the off-centred hours dial in white opal.

Great Anchor

On top of that, the slow and aesthetic functioning of the true-beat seconds mechanism catches the eye. It symbolises both Arnold & Son’s watchmaking expertise and its roots, down to the anchor-shaped counterpoise reminiscent of its historic marine chronometers going up and down as the underlying caliber does its work.DSTB 42

New Size

The DSTB collection was one of the founding pieces in the Arnold & Son catalogue. The original version measured 44mm in diameter and featured a caliber that was 7.40mm thick, allowing for a 45-hour power reserve. The DSTB 42 improves on each of these points.

The exclusive Manufacture caliber A&S6203 is 5.54mm thick and offers 55 hours of reserve. The case drops to 42mm in diameter and now features a total thickness of just 12.95mm.

More information can be found on the Official Arnold & Son Website.


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