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Armin Strom Launches The Resonance Zeitgeist SHH Edition 

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Armin Strom Launches The Resonance Zeitgeist SHH Edition 

Armin Strom

Armin Strom introduces this unique timepiece with Sincere Fine Watches

Sincere Fine Watches has been the exclusive retailer of Armin Strom in Singapore since 2017. A haven for independent brands and discerning watch collectors, Singapore’s oldest name in luxury watch retail, Sincere Fine Watches, remains as the home of the finest and rarest works in haute horlogerie.Armin Strom

A Bond Honoured

To honour this commitment to each other, Armin Strom and Sincere Fine Watches have come together to unveil its third SHH Edition, the Mirrored Force Resonance Zeitgeist SHH Edition, a series of 8 pieces inspired by the “Resonance Zeitgeist” piece unique from 2021.

When the Resonance Zeitgeist was unveiled in 2021, it presented Armin Strom’s groundbreaking and singular resonance watch in a totally radical manner. Minimalist, raw and truly like nothing else out there, the Zeitgeist was also made to highlight the unique architecture of Armin Strom’s Resonance movement in an intriguing way.Armin Strom

Paying Homage

Moreover, for the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Zeitgeist SHH Edition, the objective was to maintain the conceptual aesthetic of the original Zeitgeist. Yet, this SHH Edition allows for even more transparency, highlighting Armin Strom’s high standards of finishing and attention to detail more prominently on the dial.

Transparent, structured, reflecting warm, golden hues and finished to the highest standards. The Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Zeitgeist SHH Edition features an in-house movement crafted in German Silver, just like the original Zeitgeist.Armin Strom

The Best Years

Taking a page from the golden era of marine chronometry in the 18th and early 19th centuries, German Silver is a special alloy with a unique warm hue that will develop a light patina over time. For this SHH Edition, Armin Strom sought to make the movement even more visible, by using transparent sapphire crystal for both the offset hours and minutes dial, as well as the twin flyback second indications.

Limited to only 8 pieces in all, the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Zeitgeist SHH Edition will only be exclusively available at the SHH Boutique, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, with a retail price of RM419,500.Armin Strom

More information can be found on the Official Sincere Fine Watches Website.


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