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Aman Appoints Maria Sharapova As Global Wellness Ambassador

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Aman Appoints Maria Sharapova As Global Wellness Ambassador

Maria Sharapova

Aman launches new and exclusive wellness retreats with Maria Sharapova

From the ancient healing arts of Thailand at Amanpuri, to the traditional Ayurveda of India at Amanbagh, Aman’s 34 hotels and resorts provide transformative experiences and cutting-edge wellness immersions in unparalleled privacy and seclusion. Evolving its wellness offering, Aman announces a multi-year partnership with former elite athlete Maria Sharapova, the first of its kind for the brand.Maria Sharapova

In Good Hands

As Global Wellness Ambassador, Sharapova will co-create a series of wellness retreats across different Aman properties, each tailored to complement the Aman destination, focusing on preparation, performance and recovery to encompass body and mind.

Moreover, the partnership is a natural extension of Maria’s relationship with Aman. Maria has been a long-standing supporter and admirer of the Aman brand, including its lifestyle collection, Aman Essentials, as well as its renowned destinations across the globe.

Pioneering Wellness Experiences

Today, the partnership with Maria reinforces Aman’s reputation as a pioneer in the wellness space and sees Aman and Maria working collaboratively to bring her knowledge of world-leading wellbeing practices to Aman’s ever evolving wellness offering and enhancing the guest experience.Maria Sharapova

The first of these unique retreats will be held at Amanpuri, celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and home to the brand’s flagship Holistic Wellness Centre, Amanpuri will offer guests a personalised wellness journey, hosted by Maria, in February 2024.

Tailored For You

The three-night Performance and Recovery retreat will see Maria curate and mentor participants through a series of interactive experiences and activities, as well as informative sessions with experts that she has worked with during her 20-year career as an elite athlete.Maria Sharapova

Alongside this, Maria will incorporate pioneering technologies that she uses in her daily wellness routine to create a unique and forward-thinking retreat. Similarly, the retreat will bring the guests together through group activities, dining experiences and Q&A sessions with Maria and visiting expert practitioners.

This is intended to bring like-minded guests together to set personal intentions for their ongoing wellbeing. Such a community can create positive accountability and shared experiences that deliver lasting memories and a desire to commit to the promises made to oneself and each other.Maria Sharapova

Visit the Official Aman Website to find out more.

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