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A New Series Of King Seiko Dress Watches Debuts, Reviving A Classic Design

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A New Series Of King Seiko Dress Watches Debuts, Reviving A Classic Design

King Seiko

The King Seiko Dress Watch series is taking a classic and giving it a twist

Following the success of the second design of the King Seiko collection, a diverse array of case shapes and designs found their way into the collection during the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s, as Seiko witnessed numerous technological advancements and bursts of design ingenuity. King Seiko

Today, a fresh series, inspired by a vintage design originating in 1969, joins the esteemed King Seiko lineup. The case shape draws its inspiration from the King Seiko 45KCM of 1969, renowned for its elegantly curved silhouette, which subsequently influenced the design of subsequent King Seiko timepieces.

Moreover, this new series embraces the contours of the 1969 model but reinterprets them for contemporary sensibilities. Each watch boasts a newly crafted multi-row bracelet, skillfully polished to mirror-like perfection and adorned with brushed finishes, resulting in a subtle glimmer under ambient light. King Seiko

The bracelet, featuring shorter links, coupled with the slim case’s low centre of gravity, ensures a comfortable fit on the wrist. Leveraging Seiko’s cutting-edge watchmaking techniques and powered by the slender Caliber 6L35, these watches achieve a sleek and comfortable thickness of just 9.9mm.

On top of that, presented in silver, purple, and green dials, each holds its own significance. The silver dial, textured to evoke the modern-day skyline of Tokyo, pays homage to the birthplace of the King Seiko collection in 1961. The purple dial, reminiscent of the traditional Japanese hue known as “Edo purple,” harkens back to its cherished status during the Edo period. King Seiko

Meanwhile, the green dial features a captivating gradation mirroring the lush greenery that has adorned parts of the city throughout the centuries. These three exquisite timepieces will seamlessly integrate into the illustrious King Seiko collection, becoming available from July 2024 at Seiko Boutiques and select retail partners worldwide.

This commemorative timepiece shares the same specifications as the trio joining the main King Seiko collection. However, it features a distinctive light blue-green dial, adorned with a textured pattern inspired by the scales of a rising dragon, symbolising the brand’s journey towards the next century. King Seiko

The dragon holds additional significance as the animal sign for 2024 in the Japanese zodiac, deeply rooted in the nation’s cultural heritage, thus befitting this special edition. Available in July 2024 at select Seiko Boutiques and retail outlets worldwide, this commemorative timepiece will be limited to just 700 units so if you want one, you will need to be quick.


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