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150 Years Of Southeast Asian Photography Through A New Lens

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150 Years Of Southeast Asian Photography Through A New Lens


This groundbreaking exhibition bring pictures to life

In the world we live in, photography has become one of the most accessible and popular mediums we use. With the advent of the smartphone and social media, we can now take this for granted even more. But do we ever stop and ask ourselves how much photography shapes the way we see the world and how we want to be perceived?Exhibition

Well, Living Pictures: Photography in Southeast Asia spotlights 150 years of photography in the region in a groundbreaking exhibition in Singapore taking place this December. This exhibition will display the evolution and diverse display of some 300 works ranging from colonial archives to social media photos both online and offline.

The Photography exhibition will showcase how photography has evolved in Southeast Asia over the years starting from the mid-1800s. This was around the time photography had first arrived in the region too and will tell the story of how photography began as a tool of European exploration.Exhibition

Moreover, after that time, photography in Southeast Asia began to take on a more local, cosmopolitan perspective through studio photography. The exhibition will also take a look at how photography prompted the discussion of social issues, captured historic events and so much more.

Living Pictures also differentiates itself from other exhibitions by showcasing its work in a myriad of different modes and mediums. This even includes a 3D installation work by Vietnamese artist Dinh Q Le which features over 500 individual photographs and a retail shop of photos you can take home as a souvenir.

This photography exhibition will be held at the National Gallery Singapore’s Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery from 2 December 2022 to 20 August 2023. The opening weekend will also feature an eye opening lineup of artist talks, presentations and curator tours for your knowledge.Photography

Interested to know more? E-Mail ngs.pr@ogilvy.com and see photography through a new lens today.


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